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Training Links

These are some of the websites that we use during our trainings. Each of them are valuable resources available to each of our Members, and allow us to make every day a Training Day at home.

Fire Engineering has many articles related to Firefighter training and safety. They also have Training Minutes, a series of short videos demonstrating strategy and tactics for a variety of situations a Firefighter may be in.

Vent Enter Search is a FireFighter blog including many tips and tricks on the art of VES, as well as "Tips from the Bucket" and "What's in your pocket"; two subsections with very helpful tips on personal equipment carried by firefighters around the world. They specialize in detailing scenarios where a homeowner or business has strengthened the property to resist criminal break-in, but also making it more difficult for a Firefighter to do his or her job.

Stratter 911 Fire service news from all over the world. Videos posted can be used as individual or company training on what to do and sometimes on things not to do

Firehouse Firehouse training network has articles, videos, webcast, podcast, and online simulation drills.

Fire Fighter Close Calls Founder Billy Goldfedder is a Fire Chief in Ohio that started this website for firefighters to learn from others mistakes. Sign up for his newsletter and receive notification of close calls and Line of Duty Death (LODD) when they happen. Then take that information back to your department or company to train on and learn from it.

Progressive Rescue For the rope guru's out there. Everything you need to know about rope rescue. Founder Mike Donahue is a member of NJ -TF1. He post articles and videos on rope rescue

The Fire Department Training Network Ever wanted the HOT classes without going to a conference? Founder Jim McCormack of Indianapolis Fire Department created a no nonsense realistic training focused on Engine, Truck, Rescue, and FF Survival operations. All located right here in central Indiana join the membership and receive discounts on training classes. Follow his training blog and get new ideas and drills for training your company.

Brotherhood Instructors A great website and company focused on urban fire fighting. Founder Nate Demarse from FDNY post training videos and articles to their website and blog. They go all over the US and Canada to do HOT drills.

Urban Firefighter Magazine An online trade magazine focused on urban fire fighting

Fire Engineering University A training section of Fire Engineering where for a small fee you can take a small online training class and receive a certificate of completion and up to 4 continuing education credits for a passing it.

FEMA National Incident Management Courses All members of Taylor Township Fire Rescue are required to have training in FEMAs NIMS courses 100, 200, 700 and 800. This link is for the Independent Self Study courses required by FEMA.

The below are general trade websites where you can find a wide array of training material and topics
Firefighter Nation
Fire Rescue 1
Fire Chief
The Company Officer

Other Fire Departments

Below are some of our fellow brother and sisters websites. If you would like your deparments website to be linked here, please use the Contact link in the menu.

Climax, Virginia Volunteer Fire & Rescue

Fire Safety

Learn About Fire Safety
Electrical Fire Safety for Cables and Other Home Equipment
Fireplace and Home Fire Safety