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A few words from Township Trustee Paul Munoz

Dear Friends,
As Taylor Township Trustee I am committed to providing you with the best possible services and programs available. This section of our web page briefly describes my duties as well as a few of the additional services I provide in my effort to enhance the quality of life in Taylor Township. Together we can make Taylor Township a healthy and safe place to live.

Taylor Township Board Members:

Trustee: Paul Munoz
President: Jerry Wooldridge
Member: Bob Marley
Member: Steve Stackhouse

Notice of Public Hearing:

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Paul Munoz
Taylor Township Trustee
3885 E 300 S
Kokomo, IN 46902-9429

Services Offered:

Township Assistance

Within certain limitations, townships may provide to qualifying households any or all of the following:

Individuals and/or households who may be in need must complete an application and meet the township's eligibility standards and guidelines. All adult members of the household must, by law, sign the application.

Weed Control

The township trustee has been given by state statute the obligation and responsibility to order the destruction of detrimental plants. The Trustee also responds to all weed complaints in the unincorporated area of the township

Fire Protection

Townships have the statutory responsibility to provide fire protection to residents in the unincorporated area of each township.


Townships are also responsible for the care and maintenance of all abandoned cemeteries in the township.

Insulin Treatment Assistance

The township trustee is authorized to provide the biological insulin, swabs, and needles to individuals who are in need of such treatment. An individual, however, must be financially unable to purchase the insulin themselves, and a licensed physician or a licensed practical nurse must make the application on their behalf.

What You May Need: